Branded Wallet - White On Blue


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Rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Let’s face it, Brighton isn’t the cheapest place to come and visit. Between the cost of actually getting here (train tickets, petrol, helicopter fuel, horse pellets etc.), parking when you do, taking in a few of the sights – it can quickly add up. And that’s before you eat or drink anything! You’re going to need a good wad of cash to really enjoy a trip to Brighton. So why not treat yourself to one of our fantastic wallets to keep it all nice and safe!

For the brief time you actually get to hold on to your filthy lucre, our slim wallets are ideal. Neat enough to fit in your pocket (130mm X 80mm approximately) and at a price that won’t break the bank (geddit?) they also have room for credit / debit cards, tickets and basically anything wallet-sized. They also feature a zip-up picket for keeping your loose change.