Branded Golf Umbrella - White On Blue


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Welcome to sunny Brighton!

If only that were always the case. The weather in Brighton can be as fickle as Katie Price and what starts off as a day of glorious sunshine can quickly descend into a deluge of biblical proportions.

One minute you’re basking in the sunshine on the beach, the next you’re seeking shelter under the pier and discovering the joys of Brighton’s largest outdoor unofficial toilet.

The only solution is to be prepared to do battle with the British weather. And one of our umbrellas is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal.

These sturdy, high-quality golf umbrellas feature a spring-loaded mechanism for when you need shelter in a hurry. Big enough for two people to share (or one if you have a particularly extravagant hair do) they mean you can continue to enjoy your stroll along the prom no matter what the weather!

These compact umbrellas are small enough to fit in your pocket (unless you have particularly small pockets or are wearing skinny jeans – in which case it’s probably not advisable) so you can be sure to have one with you at all times.

And if you’re of a fairer complexion that burns easily, our umbrellas can also double as parasols!

BRIGHTON TIP: See my links page for some lovely pubs where if all else fails, you can while away the afternoon sheltering from the rain and getting drunk.